Discuss with your travel agent if they can offer you and your employees with a security team if such requirements arises. There are plenty of destinations in the world that are not as safe as the first world, such as Brazil, Kuala Lumpur and other developing nations. You need to make sure you have the proper security details and measures in place if you are travelling to some of these weird and exotic places. Hire proper detail if need be!

The most important thing you need to have when doing a proper corporate trip? Getting the right organisation to go with you. Your chosen travel agent is important, and ideally he or she should be local. For instance, when I personally made a trip to Mauritius many years ago, my local tour guide was a Mauritian. You not only have the advantage of someone who is extremely knowledgable, but also able to help you out with the usual logistics of travel, such as booking hotels, getting internet and other stuff.

If your travel agent is worth anything you are looking to pay the guy, he or she should meet all the requisites listed above and some more. If you have the right mindset in place, travelling around will be a breeze for someone like you.